Apr. 20th, 2013

the silver shine '13
in the middle of nowhere

1. In The Middle Of Nowhere
2. If I Was To Start It All Again
3. Never Again
4. Faded Newspaper
5. Jolene
6. Open Your Eyes
7. I Am Sorry I Was Wrong
8. Just Make Your Guns
9. On The Way Back Home
10. Tainted Love

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the bullets '13
sons of a gun

1. Jump When I Want
2. Mean To Me Baby
3. Moonshine
4. I Don’t Wanna
5. The Beast In Me
6. She’s So Sleazy
7. Desperate Man
8. Do You Love Me
9. Rattlesnake
10. Motorhead Shelly
11. I Got The Green
12. Blue Lights
13. Frantic and Wild
14. Son Of A Gun

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