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v/a dynamite #38 '13

1. The Imperial Surfers – Baldy Boy Twist
2. The Rock A Roaches – Because Of You
3. The Cable Bugs – You Mean Nothing To Me
4. The Wyattchristmas Trio – Jump To The Beat
5. The Pyronix – Dirt And Devil
6. Halbstark – Geh Mit Mir!
7. Tom Toxic & Die Holstein Rockets – Die Zeit Rennt
8. Ellen Kay – Tell Me True
9. Danny & The Hellcats – Sober
10. Intoxica – Jack You’re Dead
11. The Tulips – Vampire Killers
12. Hillbilly Rawhide – Hillbilly Treasure
13. The Fucking Buckaroos – Excelsior
14. The Sensitives – The Suburbs Of Vilnius
15. Nailhead – Sin City
16. V8 Wankers – Roadhawk
17. The Silver Shine – In The Middle Of Nowhere
18. Johnny Flesh & The Redneck Zombies – Sinner In Hell
19. The Prosecution – Ironic Phases
20. Callin Tommy – Callin Tommy
21. Arrested Denial – Soweit

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